Thursday, October 3, 2013

Stream of ... Life

Life streams steadily along, quickly, busily, pausing for no one! There's glorious fall days, daily mundane tasks, jaunts to discover covered bridges, children coughing in the night, counting gifts with my children, lack of sleep clouding mind and body.... There's a writing project I poured mind and soul into for days and then layed aside leaving me empty and wordless... There's outside projects of sidewalk and patio and the prospect of a trip to Arkansas... There's Life. Streaming, swirling, dancing along, taking me with it. Sometimes willingly, sometimes grudgingly, but always moving steadily onward. Little things that wait for "someday" fall through the cracks as we stream along ... photo albums, sewing projects, clean windows, organizing attics and clothes boxes... Onward I go! Frantically trying to cover cracks so the important things don't find their way through as well ... stories, rocking, smiling, loving, laughing... This is Life, this busy, streaming, moving existence. And it's only lived once.

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