Tuesday, October 8, 2013

These two

I remember the day well, the upheaval of emotions and the guilt at feeling the way i did. I remember the disbelief and the denial. It was the day i discovered my 9 1/2 month old would be a big sister in 8 short months. I look at these two today and if i could go back i would change nothing! There have been plenty of days (and nights) when i've felt differently :) these two little girls are the best of friends. I can't imagine one without the other! The complement each other so well - lillian's silence and jennifer's constant chatter. Jennifer's leadership and lillian's need of a leader. Lillian's shyness and timidity and jennifer's outgoing boldness. Some days i would love a little less mess around the house, but i do love to watch them play and use their amazing creativity! They're happy play far exceeds their times of not getting along. So i look back to that long ago day and i'm
thankful that god knew so much better than me! He always does, i should know by now...:)

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tabitha said...

They are so cute! Yesterday at your school one of our eighth grade girls gestured toward your cuties and whispered, "They're funny!" And they are! They were diligently looking after a toddler who insisted on hanging out in the bathroom. :) I'm sure you have so much fun with them!