Friday, November 8, 2013

This Thing Called F-f-fear

Have I mentioned that I am one of the world's Biggest Chickens? When I look back to days of youth, I think I've maybe shrunk to "chick" size by now, but then things come along and I realize anew that I'm still up there at Biggest status! I now have a child who is following in my footsteps and it gives me pause as I observe. I heard a story last night about Measuring Sticks and how they turn into swords to tear others down in order to make me feel better. There's another thing Measuring Sticks do, they produce Fear. They hold you back from doing good, from following His Spirit-because how would it look? Or what will they think? They hold you back from being free in your own skin, in your own convictions-what if I don't fit in? What if that's not what others would do? Fear is a monster. It keeps your mouth shut in SS class, it makes you try 3 pairs of shoes before going to *not telling* :) I could give you many more shame faced examples! And now I have a child to teach...hmmm

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Rosita said...

I'm with you! Fear makes me delete half a dozen blog posts because they weren't 'just right.'