Wednesday, November 13, 2013

When Your Time Won't Reach Around (part 2)

When I talk about not having enough Time, I'm not even talking about being busy. The thing is, is this: I'm not even really busy. I'm not a Minister's Wife, or School Principal's Wife, nor a SS Teacher or Food Committee Member. I don't run around spending the day w/ people or shopping or doing extras, I stay home most of the time. Granted, I'm gone sometimes. I spend time on the road to and from school and I don't just sit here doing nothing, but I'm not Busy. Somehow, w/ #5 though, I've felt this overwhelming drain on my Time. It's wearing to feel so Needed and then, in the midst of the press, to constantly be left feeling like you're satisfying no one! A mom is expected to be everything to all people in her little realm and, I confess, I fail miserably! The demands for Time in my little realm are so very important, and I think the knowledge of that fact is what sends me reeling w/ hands thrown up feeling pulled hither and yon and doing none of it well. I feel like the proverbial cat chasing it's tail!

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Carolyn said...

I so get that feeling, of feeling like you satisfy no one. Not a good feeling to have, now I've used the word feeling three times. Ugh.