Thursday, November 14, 2013

When Your Time Won't Reach Around (Part 3)

I blame my battle w/ this deal on lots of things-I need to be more structured, I'm just so tired from being up at night, I should take my vitamins and B Complex consistently... There's truth in all of these. Maybe it has more to do w/ Chris' announcement the other day that "It's not that men think 'blue' and women 'pink'. It's that men Think but women don't Think, they Feel!" Before you crucify him :) let me add that he wasn't saying one was right and the other wrong. He was simply saying you have to realize that fact to understand the two. It all reminded me of something I read in the book "Tea And Trouble Brewing" - "If not having a mother is like being at sea level, and having a perfect, smiling, patient like being at the top of Mount Hood, then a actually about at Timberline Lodge." Yes, I should take my vitamins and try for a nap and more structure maybe, but at the end of the day I have to remember that my children HAVE a mom, and that is indescribably better than no mom!


Schrock said...

I wanna say,"Sorry Chris, there's a woman at your house that thinks, else she wouldn't write these interesting tidbits about life."

Schrock said...
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