Tuesday, November 12, 2013

When Your Time Won't Reach Around

I feel bombarded with the need of my Time these days. "It's so important, as a mom, to take time for your children!" they tell me, and I look at my 5. There's no simple formula for them-they all need a different kind: rocking chair, story reading, game playing, help w/ studying, question and answer, listening, teaching.... "You must take time for your husband," they admonish me. "You're his biggest cheerleader and you need to make time for him!" I look at my man. No simple formula there either. No once and done/this will do it every time... "It is crucial for you, as a mom, to take time for yourself" -everyone's saying it! And, "It's essential to spend time w/ God!!" My head reels w/ the need of time! As soon as I focus on Children Time, I find the Husband Time in dire need of attention. When Husband Time is satisfied, the Children Time seems to scream 'take notice'! And there sits Me Time in hopeless need of resuscitation! God Time? Non-existant. How, in a day that has only 24 hrs, do you find the time??

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