Monday, December 9, 2013

Until Next Year!

My writing/blogging has taken a serious downward spiral lately! I'm not sure what my ailment is nor how to fix it. I miss that urge to write and I'm not sure why it's not there! I know blogging is not a requirement, but I like blogs that are updated w/ some measure of regularity. Therefore, I am announcing a break! Remember when you were young how the big thing was to tease your little sister (that would have been me!) "I'm not going to take a bath until next year!!" or "I'm not going to school again until next year!" or still better "I won't see you until next year!"? Well, I'm taking up the old refrain: No more blogging until next year! :) Hopefully by then my writing urge will return and maybe I'll even have a few creative ideas to liven up this space...don't get too excited, I said "Maybe"! :) So, Merry Christmas to whoever might happen along and read this little old "pretend" blog. May your vacation be refreshing, and may you celebrate Jesus just as much come the New Year as you do this season!

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