Monday, April 7, 2014

Happy Birthday Charles!

How is it possible that a year ago at this time I hadn't met this little man who is now such a big part of my life? How is it possible that a year ago we welcomed a tiny, helpless little bundle and now he is pulling books off of shelves and walking along furniture? Some days I wish I could freeze time right here and keep my baby this size forever! The bright eyes, full of mischief when you smile and giggle. The little head that snuggles on my shoulder when you're tired. The clinging little hands that reach to feel the moles on my neck when you're happy to be with mom again. That lickety split crawl that takes you wherever the action is. That certain "uhh uhh" fussing that means you need rescued from atop a chair or couch or steps..... But life goes on and time can't be frozen. My little man will continue to grow and change and learn. Happy Birthday Charles!
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