Thursday, August 14, 2014

Bits of Random

Quote of the day:
Jennifer - "I'm just thinking, when I get older my life is gonna get hard!"
Me - "Why??"
Jennifer - "Well, when I get married and have children and then you have to take care of them and cook and keep the house clean..... I think it would just be easier to not get married!"
Hmmmm.......does her mom have a bad attitude?? I think I convinced her otherwise, and maybe me too :)

The marigolds in the picture are the first bouquet from the seeds my mom gathered for Jennifer last year. I'm kind of obssessed with taking pictures of them..... they bring a lump to my throat and tears to my eyes. How I miss you, Mom!

I'm also a bit obssessed with little boys who say "Mmmmm" along with their big "squeezes" when you pick them up - the cute little stinker wearing his "gaa-ses" in particular! He's trying to repeat all kinds of words these days. My favorite is still his precious "Nyyy Nanna!" Chris loves to tease him - "It's my mamma!" just to hear "Nyyy Nanna!!" Chris tells him "I had her first!" and he says "Hu uh!" :) He loves music and snuggling and balls and books and swinging with Grandpa and going outside. If I could only figure out how to get him to sleep all night he would be too perfect, I suppose. Seriously, what am I doing wrong??

Vacation is almost over, and this household is about to get a rude awakening when school schedule begins come Tuesday! I'll be glad when the adjustment is made and we're settled into a new routine again. The school children are all three excited and ready for the first day! I'm getting there. I don't look forward to that drive every day, but I know it will be routine before long.

And now I must run along and face my "hard life" :) :)

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