Tuesday, October 7, 2014

A Reply to Winter's Coming (By a Lovable Scamp)

In the air there’s something different,
From the way it’s been before.
Creeping in and slowly pushing,
Out the summer heat we bore.

I have positively loved it,
for the summer I abhorred.
And with open arms embraced it,
What a blessing from the Lord!

Seeing leaves around me falling,
Makes me want to skip and dance.
Though the silent march of autumn,
From my wife, elicits rants.

Give me chilly days of autumn,
Not the scorching summer heat.
Trade my sunburn for some goose bumps,
And my only thought is: SWEET!

Gone the sunburned arms and faces,
Gone the sweat drenched piles of clothes.
Gone lawn mowing and weed eating,
Gone the garden’s work by rows.

In come balmy days and windy,
In come rains the earth to wash.
In come all the crops of harvest,
Orange pumpkins yellow squash.

Walls around us do protect us,
From Jack Frost and all his chill.
See the pictures that he left us,
On the mornings cold and still.

Some complain about the clothing,
Boots and mittens, coats and more.
That must decorate their figures
‘Fore they make it out the door.

But to me it is refreshing,
Jump from bed the day to meet.
Of the seasons I have lived in,
Autumn simply can’t be beat!

Do you say that I am looney?
My wife does. She calls me mad.
But I only say, “Be thankful”,
And, “Come on! It’s not THAT bad”.

After all, you have these four walls,
And a roof over your head.
You have food and heat and family,
And no outhouse I might add!

And besides I can’t deny it
As the cool of autumn starts,
Summer’s gone and I am HAPPY,
Welcome autumn to these parts!


Bethany Eicher said...

Somebody thinks they're smart!! A good thing you're so lovable, Scamp! :)

Anonymous said...

I like both of these poems :) I tend to enjoy all the seasons, but winter is definitely at the bottom :)

Lois said...

I LOVE this!! You both are quite talented!! I must admit, though...I side with Scamp! ;-) (Maybe the fact that I grew up in PA and now live in MS has something to do with it!)

Tina said...

Now how can there be TWO good poets in the same family??? And: Autumn is not winter! I'll take autumn and then have Spring.:) I'd want some snow tho but NO mud. But I'm not picky!!

Bethany Eicher said...

Exactly, Tina! I wasn't talking about Autumn!! And picky? Not at all. :)

Rosita said...

I enjoyed both poems, and I love both seasons equally. Maybe you could put your heads together and write a poem that encompasses the delight of both seasons? :)

Now I know why Jasmine writes such good poetry.