Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Mini Musician and Other Stuff

We have a mini musician at our house. This child loooooves music! He's bounced/danced to it since, day one I think! Ever since he could get around, the minute he would hear Jasmine playing the keyboard in her room, he'd be making a beeline for her side. He seems to have an ear for certain songs and if he chooses one as a favorite, you can expect him to be begging to listen to it over and over and over!!

He's repeating everything he hears these days and this child already has a host of songs in his head! I think he's been memorizing them since day one and can finally get them out by way of mouth and I'm only partly kidding. He doesn't say every word clearly and his tunes aren't all perfect, but I've never heard another 18 month old "sing" the ABC song start to finish! Granted, it takes some imagination, but there's enough syllables there for every single letter and there's no mistaking the ending "...sing with me"!

The other day he was standing by the chair with a songbook and I realized he's singing "Jesus Loves Me" over and over. So absolutely cute! "God's Not Dead" is another fun one to get him going with and there's "Running Over" and "Keep Me Jesus" and "Building Up the Temple".....

On our trip this summer we watched a Musical in Mansfield, MO. The pianist was a super friendly lady who came around at break time and talked to people. When I mentioned something about Jasmine taking piano lessons, she promptly said, "Come with me!" She took her back to the gift stands and gave Jasmine a CD with all the songs from the Musical!! Charles loves that CD. One night he was laying in bed 'going to sleep' and I suddenly realized he's singing "Oh Farmer Boy" off of that CD!

The two in the bottom picture have been playing and playing together this morning. Yes, its worth mentioning! Big sister has a slight tendency towards bossing the little man and the little man has a slight tendency for not putting up with it... At the moment she is laying him on the couch and covering him up - with 2 blankets, no less. He's going along with the game and waits while she tip toes away, waits 3 seconds, then "Cock-a-doodle-doo!!" And with a big grin he pops up! :)

Love it.

And here sits the mother who should be busily working while the two are happily playing...... instead she's leaving wet laundry sit in the basket (cause she dreads the ordeal of dragging the two along outside to hang it up) and ignoring all manner of other things that need to be done (because she's TiReD sake a two pathetic nights in a row with the charming Mini Musician)......

Okay. The 'cover me up' game is losing it's appeal. "Cock-a-doodle-doo!!" Time to drag everybody outside.

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Tina said...

We've got one of them singers too....and he is priceless!!!!:) I just love it! Not just anyone will sing theirself to sleep or awake from a nap and sing!! This is our 2 yr old. I just hope the love of singing will stay.