Tuesday, January 20, 2015

31 Days: Called to Holiness

People, as a general rule, want a "to do list" in life. (Or at least that's what we think) Give us a list that we can go "check, check, check - I'm good!" any day over having to figure out what needs to be done. In my marriage, I'd rather Chris would just tell me what he wishes I would do to make him feel loved, figuring it out is too much work! But, on the other hand, I feel the most loved by Chris when he does the things that make me feel loved without me ever saying anything, ya know?

God doesn't call us to a lot of specifics in the New Testament, ever notice that? For instance, He says "Be ye kind one to another". You can't really make a tidy checklist out of that command because, while 'Susie' might feel it's kind to be told exactly how I felt about what she did, 'Jane' might feel just the opposite! God doesn't spell every little thing out about how to be kind, He leaves that up to us to figure out. He doesn't call us to a long list of specifics, He calls us to TRUTH.

If I love Chris, I will want to do what I know makes him feel loved. If I know that having supper ready when he comes home from work makes him feel loved, I will want to do everything I can to make that happen! I'll plan out my day so that I get supper started on time, I'll get the children to help make it happen, I'll be certain nothing interferes with making that goal. I might even make sure I meet him at the door with a smile! On the other hand, if I am looking at it as my "check list" to show Chris that I love him, it will just be a chore that has to be accomplished. Something I can cross off my list with a sigh. Something I can hold my head up proudly over and say, "Well, hey! I had supper ready when you got here!"

Same way with God. God commands us to be kind. We know that if we love God we will obey his commandments. If it's just a checklist to ensure my righteousness, I'll treat 'Susie' and 'Jane' the way I think is kind and go on. "Hey! He said be kind, I was kind, I'm done." If, however, I truly love God and want with all my heart to show that by being kind, I will do everything I can to figure out what would feel kind to 'Susie' and 'Jane'. If I know it would feel kind to 'Susie' to be told how I felt, I'll tell her - even if that's hard for me. If I know 'Jane' will be hurt by me telling her how I felt, I'll hold my tongue - even if I'm dying to let her know how I feel!

This is what God calls us to. He doesn't call us to keeping a list, He calls us to Holiness.

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