Wednesday, January 21, 2015

31 Days: Saved By Grace

We've gotten this idea in our heads that rules prevent bad behavior. That's really not true. I love Chris' example of smoking to prove this point. As a child growing up, he had relatives who smoked. He saw first hand what it did to them, how it smelled everything up, how awful it was! Do you think his parents needed to make a rule that their children weren't allowed to smoke? No way. He has never had any desire whatsoever to smoke! People who have no desire to do something don't need a rule prohibiting it! And those who want it badly will usually end up doing it anyway regardless of a rule.

Rules tend to promote self righteous, works based people who "earn" their salvation by doing the "to do list". If I do everything on the list I am a good person! That makes us feel comfortable and secure in our salvation. We don't need the help of God's grace - we've checked off all the requirements and we're good!

Being called to Holiness, however, shows us one thing - we are sinners! When I am pointed to God and what HE says is right and wrong and I am longing with all my heart to do what is right to show Him my love, it doesn't take long to realize there is NO WAY I can ever get it right!! It is only by His Grace that I can be saved. And, just in the same way that Chris looks at me with love the night he comes home and the baby has been screaming and the three year old cut their finger and supper simply is not ready and says "Its ok. I know your heart and that you wanted to have supper ready on time." So God looks at me when I fail and says, "I know your heart, I know you love me and really want to obey me. Its ok."

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Wanda Vincent said...

What you have written is so true!
Thank you for expressing it in words.
The Lord Jesus bless you!