Sunday, January 18, 2015

31 Days: What Do I Do With These Truths?

The need to make a decision about a church has forced me to look at what I really hold as truth in my heart. Truth is sometimes confusing. Sometimes it makes us have to think too much, it's much easier to just do what we've been doing - or that's how I am anyway! But then, I don't really like to think......or I didn't used to. :) Before I married a thinker I would have laughed in your face if you had told me I would someday do such a thing as write on a "theological" subject for 31 days!! There are a number of things I've realized to be truth, and it's been hard to know what to do with some of them. Here they are in no particular order:

~ It is possible to be a Mennonite and not be a Christian.

~ It is possible to be a non-Mennonite and be a Christian.

~ My cape dress, black shoes, lifestyle, what have you, does not save me.

~ There is the possibility of two people interpreting Scripture differently and both getting to Heaven.

~ It is not as crucial that everyone in my church looks the same as I once thought.

Some of those things I knew before, some of it I just never stopped to spell out. What do I do with it? If my lifestyle doesn't save me, why am I bothering to keep it? There are certainly some things about it that I wouldn't mind doing without! If others can look different, is there any reason for me to hang on to the old ways? I don't particularly enjoy being an odd ball, I can tell you that much! Shoot, if there are going to be non-Mennonites in Heaven why am I even a Mennonite??

See what I mean? Much easier to stay in the safe, comfy "box" we've always known than to be honest and face the truth and answer the hard questions!

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