Monday, February 16, 2015

Because You Asked......

Several of you asked me to share my favorite blogs so here you go...... I picked my top 10 and then there's probably four or five others that I read ocassionally. I have a hard time linking things from my phone. I'll try, but if the links don't work just google the names and you should be able to find the blogs. I'll give them to you in the order that I discovered them:


Like I said before, Kelle Hampton's blog was the first one I ever read. I still keep it on my list partly just for that reason and partly because I do love her "enjoying the small things" take on life, plus she's a great writer! She also has a book called "Bloom" which tells about her journey of having a daughter with Down's.


I think this was probably one of the next blogs I started reading. Patti is a Pastor's wife and mother of 11. She started her blog "A Perfect Lily" while pregnant with her 10th child who was then born with Down's Syndrome. Patti's faith is inspiring as is her heart for adoption of children out of the US who have health issues and are doomed to life in institutions if they are not adopted. I love her sense of humor!


I can't say how much I love Shannon and her writing! She has impacted me more than I even know with her all out heart for God. Shannon and her husband, along with their adopted children, left their beautiful farmhouse for a tiny house in the neglected streets of the city when God turned their life upside down and asked them to. Her writing is really amazing and she challenges me over and over!


I probably found Emily's blog sometime around the same time I found Flower Patch Farmgirl. She is deep! My world view has been stretched outside of the box by this lady. She has an amazing story about her recovery from anorexia and has written several books. I recently read her memoir "Atlas Girl" and feel like I know her a bit better since then.


Three years ago, my sister told me about Michelle's blog which was then called "Smiles by Miles". I quickly fell in love with her style and she became the first 'Mennonite Blog' on my list :) Her blog is now called "Chesed" and her husband is involved with a Wilderness Boys Camp. I always enjoy her writing!


It wasn't long after starting to read Michelle's blog that the name Dorcas Smucker kept popping up. It didn't take me long to hop over to her blog and I've been a faithful reader ever since! I've had the privilege of reviewing 2 of her books and having her share her "How we met" story on my blog. She makes me laugh and she makes me think and sometimes she even makes me cry :) Someday, just maybe, our paths might cross.


I found Gina's blog while doing my first book review for Dorcas. Gina was also on the blog tour and after reading her review, I stayed :) I've gotten several new recipes from her blog - she's got lots and lots on there! And I just enjoy reading about another Mennonite mom with a row of chilren!


Rachel and I went to CBS together a way back in the day! I was delighted when my sister told me about her blog and it's been such fun to renew our friendship via our blogs :) Her oldest is a boy and she has adorable twin girls and as of Friday they've added a tiny baby brother to the family. I love her honesty and getting to peak in on her life!


I honestly can't remember how I found Shari's blog but I'm sure glad I did! If you want to read someone who is willing to think and brave enough to step outside the box and share, go here. Not only that, she's hilarious! Her posts are varied and always worth reading. Dig back in the archives, it'll be well worth it!

Oh my, this is hard! I suddenly realized there's several more regulars and how do I decide who should have 10th spot? I probably started reading first. Rosita is my first grader's teacher and goes to our church. But a close second to that is I went to CBS with Shannon also, although I never learned to know her well. I think I found her through a comment on someone's blog and was curious if it was the same Shannon? :) I love, love her sense of humor and she takes lovely pictures!

Whew! Lest you think reading is all that I do, just remember these ladies don't all post every day, nor even all once a week! It is strange how they've become like virtual friends to me and how they've each enriched my life in their own special ways.

Now, I've humored you - it's your turn! Do you read blogs? Who do you love?


Anonymous said...

Thankyouthankyouthankyou!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to dig in to these! ~Linda

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much! I love Shannon, Shari, and Michelle's blogs as well! The others I will be checking out :)

Shannon said...

Oh this looks interesting, can't wait to read some of these.

CBS, so long ago but sometimes seems like yesterday. Funny how things change and all at once we are (suppose to be) the "grown up" ones and the "young ones" are going off to CBS. One of the few Sunday Cottage Meetings, or whatever we called it, that I really remember was going over to Robert and Katie's. :) Little did I know I would marry into his extended family and see them at church and reunions. :) CBS is good memories. Maybe we should have a reunion. :) 20 years or something like that. Imagine all the children... :)

Tina said...

Interesting...�� Have you ever checked out Christy Smuckers blog, She is Michelle's sister. They are both interesting!�� Another good one is Living in the Shoe, Kendra Graber. I hope to hear of others favorites, too.�� Please.

Bethany Eicher said...

Just recently Chris and I were talking about a CBS reunion! Not sure how you'd do it but it really would be fun!! Sometimes I wish we could sit and watch a film of those days.....other times I'm glad we can't! :) Good memories for sure.

Bethany Eicher said...

I have read Christy's blog some and I might have to check out the other one. These days though I read new ones ocassionally but usually end up sticking with my row. You have to stop somewhere cause there's hundreds of good blogs!!

Tina said...

O.k...i see my smiles have turned into question marks inside diamonds...:(

Gina said...

Thanks Bethany! I look forward to checking out your list since there are several that are unknown to me. (And several that are favorites!) And thanks for including me in your favorites.

One of my favorites is
Stephanie writes about various topics but right now is sharing her daughter's journey with epilepsy.