Monday, March 16, 2015

Just One Week

A week ago did a post with this title. I scrolled through her pictures and thought, "That's neat! I'm gonna do that." Pictures on my blog are always a bit awkward since I can't put captions right with the photos, but I decided I'd do it anyway.


Turns out this certainly wouldn't have been the week I would have chosen to do this, but here you go:

#1 ~ Monday. Glorious, lovely sunshine! Oh what fun to "help" daddy work.

#2 ~ Tuesday. Rain. Mud. Tuesday evening was the sewing and I would have gladly stayed home, especially when I discovered the gas light on in the van. But my man said, "Go." I came out to go home and found this on my steering wheel and the gas tank full!!

#3 ~ Wednesday. Nearly every day could have some variation of this picture. I've sewed and sewed. Wedding coming up!

#4 & 5 ~ Thursday. Dress up day at school for Jasmine. We had a Terrible Time coming up with an idea. Jasmine was sure that she hated dress up day! By the time she left for school she had to admit she rather liked it after all.... and this is where the week started going down hill and never stopped. This is how it looks when 3/4 of the family is sick.

#6 ~ Friday. And it doesn't start looking any better...

#7 ~ Saturday. This is what true love looks like. It's husband and wife finally dragging themselves out of bed because - what else can you do? and taking tylenol. It's the wife tackling laundry and a dirty bathroom and the husband going to get groceries and taking the 3 youngest along, just to be nice, and coming home with these.

#8 & 9 ~ Sunday. More juice and popcicles and pajamas.

So, that was my week. How was yours?

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Tina said...

Thanks for letting us see your dress-up day attire, Jasmine!:) Did you win 1st prize? :)
We have been enjoying spring-ish weather- can't be beat!!:) Now today its windy out n not spring-ish! :( Hope the sewing gets done in good time (maybe we can get a picture?:))...for the wedding; and may ya'll feel better today!!!