Wednesday, January 13, 2016

31 Days: Have the Men Changed Too?

We’ve considered the difference between the Woman of Today, and the Woman of Yesterday. What about the men? Is the Man of Yesterday different than the Man of Today?
Correct me if I’m wrong but to me it doesn’t seem like men have changed much. Yes, there are probably more “stay at home” men than ever before; more gays, more men switching genders. But as a whole, men are still doing the same thing they have done for centuries: working to make a living. According to statistics, the percentage of unemployed men in the USA is up right now but that seems to be due to the recent recession, rather than men deciding they want to be something different. Why?

Why have men, as a whole, not taken up the women’s ‘I can be whatever I want to be, however I want to’ mantra? Why don’t we see hosts of men choosing babysitting over truck driving or working as a seamstress over construction? Why is it that a far larger majority of people would see those choices for a man as ‘sick’ but on the flip side, for a woman, they see them as liberating?

There seems to be something about the inborn nature of male and female that runs deeper than anything we as people can ever change with all the women’s liberation movements in the world. Women are all about being strong and independent...until the furniture needs to be moved, right? And no matter how much women’s rights are preached, if the ship is sinking, who goes first? Somehow all the equality speeches vanish and it’s still “Women and children first!” is it not?

There are other things that feminism has been unable to change and men (for the most part) seem to accept as normal. The old "never hit a woman even if she hits you first" rule hasn't changed. There are still more men paying for first dates, alimony and  child support than probably think of other examples.

There are exceptions to these, of course, but by and large they are the accepted norm. Why? Why aren’t the men chafing at the unfairness and trying to change their world?

What is it that is driving us women to be the unhappy and unfulfilled ones? And yes, I am saying ‘us women’. I hear a lot of unhappiness and unfulfillment and discontent among women in Christian circles and in myself!


Rosina said...

One way I believe men have changed is in their involvement in church. Since many churches tend to be geared toward and run by women, men just aren't as interested anymore.

Bethany Eicher said...

That is true, Rosina, and a part of this whole subject that should be addressed...hmmm.... Thanks for commenting! :)