Tuesday, February 16, 2016

On Love And Grace For My Fellowman

I sat in my living room with ducked head, while the tears welled uncontrollably in my eyes. My two friends sat opposite me with encouraging smiles, sympathy written all over their faces. I felt completely silly. When you're asked for prayer requests, and this is the response you give, you should at least be able to explain why! But I couldn't. 

We prayed together and my friends retrieved coats and boots, preparing to go their way. Then one of them spoke up, "You know, it's kind of encouraging to hear that you feel this way sometimes - not that I'm glad you're discouraged!" she hurried to assure me, "But it seems like you're usually encouraging and upbeat and have things together..."

I've chewed on this ever since.     

We hear it often, that one of the pitfalls of social media is this very thing - the ability to paint one's life as perfect with pictures and words and no real life context to weigh it by. Of course, we do it often in real life too, responding to "How are you?" with a smile and "Fine!" when inside we are falling apart and further from 'fine' than anyone can imagine.

We talk about this often too - how easy it is to look at another person's life and make judgements by what we see. We know in our heads that doing so is dangerous and often faulty but somehow it's really hard to stop. After all, if I would be doing what they are doing I know what it would mean!    

It's very easy for me to post pictures of carefully laid tables featuring flowers made by mom and daughters, shiny plates and sparkling goblets, yummy food                               
with hot dishes made by the best husband ever and handmade hearts with a note on the back, with love from mom.

With pictures it's awfully easy to make life look perfect and Valentine's Day a flawless day of love and warm feelings with happy children and loving parents and the family we all dream of having.

And we are....

But the reality is that most of the time we're all normal, flawed people, just
like everyone else around us. People with hurts and problems and heartaches. People with struggles and disappointments and temptations. People in need of love and grace, not only from a Heavenly Father who redeems the brokenness but also from our fellowmen who can lift us up and encourage us on in so many ways.

            I want to be that kind of person.


Anonymous said...

Someone once shared this definition of fine: Feelings Internally Not Expressed

Bethany Eicher said...

That's pretty good :)

Tina Z said...

Yes and yes!! Good words! Lovely Valentines Day table!:) Way to go on the giving of heart-notes n the hubby making the hot foods!:)