Wednesday, February 3, 2016

A Lady Writes About Women for a Month, You'll Never Believe What Kind of Mother She Really Is!

LRM commented on my last post, "...perhaps there will be some "sequel" posts?? I hope so." Here you go.
The last three mornings I've won the "Worst Getting the Children to School Routine" award - without even trying; it came naturally. It involved lots of ugly things you don't really want to hear about: threats, whining, loud voices, frustrated people, repeated threats, tears.... lots and lots of tears.
God is faithful; sometimes painfully so, as a friend of mine pointed out recently. Less than an hour after posting the  report of my 'take away from this month of blogging', God pointed out some very specific ideas about delighting in my top assignment.

"Is whining about what you should fix for supper every night delighting in your top assignment?"

"What about sighing about getting everyone settled in bed every night before you can lay down your weary head?"

Wellll.... you see, Lord, I'd kinda rather deal in theories here. Do we have to be so specific? I think you know how that conversation went down.
If there's one thing I hate about writing a series, it's worrying that I sound like I know it all. I know I made some single people feel that way, and that only underlines the high possibility that I made a lot of other people feel that way too, in who knows how many ways.

God and Satan have been busily at work in my mind the past couple of days. I find it hard to discern between the two of them some days, ever had that problem? "Now, is that just Satan trying to discourage me and make me believe lies? Or is that God reminding me that I asked to be kept humble, so He's taking me at my word?" Let's just say it's been really easy to live out of my feminine bent towards feelings, rather than facts.

I think maybe it's time to lay all of that aside and ask myself this: "Were you really serious about delighting in your top job assignment? Because if you are, you've got some serious work to do!!" 
I'm searching for someone who is writing a series on, "How to make the rubber meet the road", any leads for me? Extra points if you share personal experiences.......


Anonymous said...


I applaud your courage and diligence for digging into the Word to see what the inspired message has to say to women, and countering ways that message has been twisted in today’s world. Thank you for sharing results of your study with us readers. And you didn't come across to me as knowing it all. Your conclusions were solidly based on Scripture. I agree with you that God created women to be wives and mothers. But we are in a fallen world. Some women are single, some are widowed, some have physical handicaps, some have handicapped children, and likely all mothers feel very overwhelmed at least some of the time.

After you have shared Scriptural truth that is not popular in today's society, is it any wonder that you are feeling discouraged? Our arch enemy wants you to wallow in defeat, rather than delight in your calling. He wants to negate the value of that study in your own life.

I don’t claim to know where the line is between Satan’s lies and God’s Spirit’s gentle prodding. One thing I have heard is that if it’s a general feeling of having totally missed the mark, then it’s likely our enemy. If we are prompted about specific ways to become more Christ-like, then it’s probably His Spirit speaking to us. God’s Spirit does not speak of Himself, but He is there to help you discern. I suppose you’ve already asked your husband about it, but he is likely to have a helpful perspective on the situation.

May God give you grace and delight in your calling.

Thinking out loud,


Bethany Eicher said...

Thank you, thank you for this comment. It spoke truth and encouragement to my heart! God bless you.