Wednesday, April 27, 2016

A Family Excursion

Last summer, on the recommendation of a friend, we fell in love with a quiet little spot for swimming at Barkcamp State Park. On our numerous drives back the winding road to the lake I noticed signs for hiking trails and kept saying we should check them out. We finally did this past Sunday evening.

Long ago, there was a farm on the Barkcamp State Park site. They have preserved the big, old red barn and various little log buildings are scattered around it. The first little trail we checked out was designed to be wheelchair accessible and had signs along the path with information on some of the different kinds of trees we were seeing. 

It was a lovely evening to be outside, with the smell of honeysuckle heavy on the breeze and new life springing up all around us...

How I love dogwoods. There were lots of them in full bloom and it was simply gorgeous, the white against
 all the green.

I like these two.
 Isaac waited a long time for a brother and in spite of the big age difference there is already a definite 'brother' bond between them.

I'm sure I'm prejudiced, but this child is just absolutely too cute and I wish I could freeze him at this age for a good long while.

We drove on down to the lake and saw lots of people fishing. We played the slowest game of 'Pooh Sticks' ever, with the slow moving water and the wide bridge. Then it was time to head home, with flowers tucked in our hair and good memories stored up in our hearts.

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