Friday, April 8, 2016

The Birthday Boy

Yesterday was Charles' third birthday! I enjoy trying my hand at cake decorating, and since his gift was a wooden train set, I've been looking at train cake ideas. I had fun experimenting with baking cake batter in a soup can and bread pan, then figuring out how to turn the pieces into an engine and cars.
He was quite pleased!
The girls had great fun helping me add cookie wheels and candy cargo...
We had grandpas and uncle Ryan's over to celebrate and I wish you could have seen Charles when we sang happy birthday, he just beamed!
He had a little trouble with the candle blowing job but his sisters were quite willing to help him out.
Charles has loved trains for quite awhile. The library we go to has a table and wooden train set and he begs to go there to play with it. The Little Blue engine is one of his favorite books and he's easily listened to it hundreds of times! Several months ago, Chris went looking for a train set and found a super nice one for a fraction of what they normally cost. It's been hiding up at grandpa's, awaiting the big day, and we could all hardly wait to see his face!

He was almost too sleepy to be impressed but he has already spent lots of time playing with his new toys!
He was convinced that daddy got his birthday gift from the library!

Happy Birthday little buddy - although if I would tell you that, you would say, "I'm not little buddy, I'm Charles!!" 

You are so loved!


Treva said...

I love this! Pascal is in love with trains too!

Rosita said...

Great job on the cake!