Friday, June 24, 2016

Life And Pictures

Story time is over, so here are a few pictures to update you on life around the Eicher household. We are enjoying no school and the freedom to do random projects and be either productive or the mood (or need) strikes.

This was a very random one, thought up and carried out almost completely on her own. A little blanket for Charles.

One day the girls had fun helping me set up a 'fancy' table 
for Chris and I to have a date on the porch of the new house.

They're begging to do it again 
for the whole family.

Speaking of the new house...

We've been painting...

And hanging lights...

And my cabinets are in!

*Just fyi: this is the way we choose paint colors -- we go down to the local yocal and check out the mis-tinted paint. We grab any half decent colors and buy them for super cheap. Then we play with mixing tablespoons of colors til we get a "formula" we like. The area we painted is from eight different gallons of paint, I believe. So if you like a color you see, I'm afraid I won't be able to offer you a Sherwin Williams name or anything :)

The pictures make it look like we're close to done but pictures can be deceiving. Not everything is ready to be painted yet but it's coming,
little by little.

Time spent at the lake is always fun

And so is fabric shopping...
for the first hour...
We think we're going to try our hand 
at quilt making. We'll see.

And I'm getting ready to sew
... and sew ...and sew.
Eight dresses cut out 
for the females in this house. 
My thumb is sore from cutting!

This is how my bed looked
one lazy morning.

All in all, summer is being pretty good to us. Some days, in the midst of the noise and chaos.....the trying to keep children occupied and settling fusses; the busyness and never a quiet suddenly hits me. I won't have them all around me for long. These are the days that will make up their memories of F A M I L Y ---
right here, right now. 

My children will one day be me with my siblings. These are the days that are shaping their future years. 


Tina Z said...

Stop showing me 'fun at the lake' pictures!!!!:( (ha!) For me to have a nice place to take the children swimming/wading would be a dream come true. But, that doesn't mean you can't go n have fun, I suppose, haha. Have some fun for us!:)

Bethany Eicher said...

I know the feeling! I'm happy to have found a spot again. It's a public place but if we go at the right time we usually have it mostly to ourselves!