Tuesday, July 12, 2016

We Have This Moment

All five are home again, 
after two weeks of someone being gone.

I'm reveling in hearing, 
"It's so good to be home, mom!"
"It's good to eat food 
that tastes like home." 
And other such heartwarming sentiments.

Two weeks ago Isaac went off to a week of Youth Camp in IN and last week, he returned and Jasmine took her turn. I think they both grew several inches, inside and out, during those days away. I think I may have grown as well.
It's a kind of growing, isn't it, to have pieces of your heart walking around in different parts of the USA?

It's only beginning I'm afraid,
this having a part of me
in different places at different times, and I don't think any mother anywhere has ever been ready.

I've been thinking about that fact
 a lot lately.
I'm concluding that the only
thing I can really do
 is treasure the moments I have now.

And there are many interesting moments, I assure you.

My house is in a constant state of chaos these days, which isn't too hard
with five children in a house that measures 24x32.

But when I think of the few short years that I will actually have them 
all under one roof,
it's a little easier to remember
to embrace the chaos
and treasure the moments --
like these....

Operation Legos: divide the blocks by color; two people get yellow and green, two people get red and blue. 

Each team build a building

 Using plenty of imagination

And a large dose of your arguing skills

Then it's time to take the fun a step further and
 play a 'Detective Game'
(can I just say right here, these kiddos are their dad's, every one of them??)

First, you set up the town

Complete with all the cars and people

Then, it's time for the story line: A girl's mother (I believe it later turned into her grandmother) died, and left her the mansion. The two 'bad guys' (Jasmine and Lillian) don't want her to have it, so when the girl comes to visit, they set up things to make her think the house is haunted. The police and detectives (Isaac and Jennifer) must then unravel the mystery and solve the problem. And, of course, ultimately stick all the bad guys in jail!

Interesting Moments Indeed.

I might add here, the whole operation actually started with three begging the fourth to play a game with them. When the fourth refused to cooperate, their mother suggested they propose a deal (Hey, it was one way to keep the three from begging her next!)
So, the fourth agreed to play the game the three wanted, if the three would then play Detective with the houses and people....which then evolved into 
all of the above.

When the noise level is way too high,
and I can hardly walk through
my living room for the chaos of imagination, I hope I remember how it will feel to have pieces of my heart wandering the world and how happy I am to have them all here with me under this one, small roof.


Betsy said...

I LOVED this post. As a Mom that has all three pieces of her heart, (3 children), living not only all over the USA, but the youngest has been in Japan for 9 years now, I can relate. I'm so glad you're cherishing each and every moment. I wish I had been deliberate about that. I miss the noise and the mess. And mine all loved legos too.

Bethany Eicher said...

Thanks for your encouragement, Betsy. It's so easy to forget when you're in the moment and too many times I don't do very well at being deliberate! :)