Monday, August 8, 2016

10 Things A Mom Might Discover

1. Laundry multiplies on it's own overnight. I am convinced.

2. Keeping track of ten fingernails and ten toenails is nothing. It's when you have eighty + individual nails you are responsible for that you might end up with a handful that looks like this --

          Sorry. That was gross but real.

3. If you own a couch and have little people in the house for any number of years, you cannot even begin to imagine what all gets down into said couch. Let's just say removing the bottom of your old couch before you burn it might reveal things you never thought you would see again .... not to mention plenty of things you never wanted to see again. Don't ask me how I know.

4. There is nothing sweeter than having your three year old crawl up beside you, snuggle in close and say, "I like you Mamma!"

5. Children who only have to dry any dishes that won't fit in the drainer or on the towel are some of the world's best stackers.

6. Trash also multiplies overnight. Seriously, how DO the trash cans get full so fast??? I will tell you this - it is not because people put things in the trash cans because....

7. I will never understand why it is so much easier to leave the papers, wrappers, Kleenex, what-have-you, right where they fall. What do they think trash cans are for, I wonder?

Not to mention stray cups and bowls...

8. Dusting and cleaning the cobwebs out of every nook and cranny is way overrated. You can easily have a decent looking house just by straightening everything up. Not sure if you learn this from your children or because you have children?

9. Light switches are so much easier to switch on than off. Apparently once they are in the "up" position it takes the strength of mom's arm to get them back down. What other explanation could there be??

10. There is no feeling like that of sitting around the table or living room with your offspring and discussing Big Questions or re-telling family stories or arguing the meaning of words and realizing how much you love these people - fingernails, never-ending laundry and wayward trash notwithstanding.


Miller scribe said...

Love it!

Anonymous said...

I love this! My husband and I have 6 little people in our home:) Life is always interesting!