Monday, March 13, 2017

One Little Egg And That Treasure In Heaven Thing

Since January's writing spree, the idea of laying up treasure in heaven still colors my days. My husband faithfully runs it by me when I'm dragging my feet about oh, say, going away when I would rather stay in my own cozy house. Or when I'm feeling taken advantage of or when I'm wondering if I should do a project.

I need reminders constantly because I forget. It's not become the lens through which I see life yet. That's pretty evident when you answer a 'blue' text with "chalk it up to storing up treasure in heaven" and a couple days later, when you're the one sending the 'blue' text and the response comes back, "treasure in heaven!" you have to laugh because it never crossed your mind.

I had a lot of fun with this school dress up day business but when it was nearly bedtime and I was still working on details... Well, that's when the "treasure in heaven" text caught me by surprise and made me laugh. It's true though, it really does start at home.

I still struggle with thinking that the 'big things' are really where the treasure is at. Friends of ours recently took in a tiny foster baby with hopes of adopting; I read about being involved with neighbors - striking up conversations over food and fellowship, welcoming children in for a cookie. I get these Noble Ideas blown up in my mind and wonder what I should be doing? And then I realize I'm too chicken to even go ask my neighbor for an egg.

I'm really rather embarrassed to even tell you the egg story but just in case any of you think I have it all together, let me knock that notion out of your mind.

When we were working on our new house, one of my daughters kept wondering, "When will we get to know our neighbors?" I answered her vaguely and thought Big Thoughts of having the neighborhood over for an evening of fellowship some day. Like a friend told me with a laugh at church yesterday, "I do a lot of thinking. If I did everything I thought, I would be a wonderful person!" I am a lot like my friend.

Last week I was making a meal for a church family and halfway in, with multiple dishes in various stages of mixing, I realized I needed one more egg! It was too late to switch gears without really having a problem, one of them being enough time. Four years of living in my mother-in-law's yard - which is basically like living next to a store - had me spoiled. What to do?

I could drive the three miles to my mother-in-law's or I could run to the store or I could call a neighbor and beg. The neighbors next door have been over to see our house and we've gifted them with cinnamon rolls since we moved, so I didn't hesitate too long over dialing their number. But nobody answered.

Well, I'd finish up some things and try again, I decided. My other option was our Amish neighbor down the hill. I was a little ashamed that we had never met them yet and not too excited about having our first meeting be because I needed an egg!

My second phone call still brought no answer, and I waffled back and forth. I really just did not have the nerve to walk up to a stranger's door and ask for an egg. On the other hand, there was the Lord in my ear saying, "You admire so-and-so for her involvement with her inter-city neighbors, the ones on drugs and with horrible home lives, and you can't even go ask your Amish neighbor for an egg?!"

Really now, how silly.

You would not believe the courage it took to go do what I knew I should, all for one silly little egg. Of course, she was the nicest lady you ever met, with four sweet little girls peering at me with shy eyes, and I came away with a light heart and finished my meal.

I don't believe God measures 'big things' with the same scale that I do. I long for Him to keep teaching me, and His faithfulness with something as silly as one little egg makes me confident that He will.


Rosina said...

And you probably made her day by asking for an egg. :) Love this!

Bethany Eicher said...

You know, Rosina, you are probably right. ☺

Bertha N. said...

And when your neighbor needs a cup of sugar, guess who she'll feel comfortable asking for it. :)

Bethany Eicher said...

I sure hope so! ☺