Thursday, April 20, 2017

For Real

We talk about social media and how it paints everyone as perfect. We sigh about how it places unrealistic expectations on mothers to make the Pinterest worthy cakes and birthday parties because, evidently, that's what all the competent moms are doing. We shake our heads at the pressure it creates to have picture perfect houses where everything matches and all the chippy, shabby chic decor is cool DIY projects that the good moms somehow find time to do.

Like this picture, you have no idea what is really behind all the 'perfect' things you see.

I don't know if my blog has ever made anyone feel the pressure associated with social media but I'm guessing it might have. I try to be honest and real here but it's just a fact that it's more fun to share the pretty side of life. If it is ugly, I want to have some tidy little lesson to tie to it that makes it all beautiful again.

Well. I'm here this morning to show you the real side. I'll probably still end up trying to tie the lesson to it because I need a lesson this morning but this is reality and I'll prove it with the pictures I took this morning:

This is how my basement looks. Remember when we moved, how we just brought the essentials and planned to slowly move the rest? Here's all the nonessentials that are finally coming over. Seriously. How do we accumulate so much stuff??!

It's not even funny. It makes me want to vow I'll never go to the Goodwill again! Except I know I would break my vow.

This is how my kitchen sink looks.

And this is how my laundry pile looks.

I could give you reasons for those piles but then, there are things that just always look this way and have nothing to do with any excuses except being real.

Like my son's bed.

And my daughter's bedroom floor.

And this rug that belongs inside the basement door but is constantly thrown in the corner on a heap.

And this child's cars that he has way too many of.

We are real people in this house. We make messes and hurt each other's feelings and don't feel like saying we're sorry. Sometimes we spend too much time trying to keep everything looking good and we forget to enjoy each other in our messiness. We get grouchy and say we love each other but forget to act like it. We are real people around here.

I like to have a clean house and I enjoy DIY projects and creating beauty. I like doing special things for my family and making memories together. Those are the things I tend to grab my camera/phone and take pictures of but the truth is, we are ordinary, common, messy people. I just wanted you all to know that this morning. I also wanted you to know that God loves us, mess and all. He loves you too, don't ever forget it!


Rosina said...

I could add some messy house pictures of my own this morning! I feel your pain about having too much stuff even after small-house living. After moving twice in a year and a half, I've concluded that "stuff" is a burden. :( And yet we need at least some!

God bless you with joy amid the mess!

Bethany Eicher said...

It has been kind of depressing seeing how much STUFF we have when I thought a small house was keeping it to a minimum! We pitched and made a Goodwill pile and still there's a pile. I guess there are 7 of us and I can't just say nobody can have any "treasures", sigh. Yes, I need joy in the midst, thank you.

Treva said...

3 random thoughts: I do LOVE that picture of the girls at the top!! And I totally understand the feeling of, "Why do we have so much STUFF?" I got rid of a lot before we moved, and then as we unpacked I got rid of a lot more! When you physically move it all you realize how much is not necessary. :) Also, Jasmine is looking taller and older- I'm worried she's slyly growing into a woman while I'm not watching. We need to come visit!

Bethany Eicher said...

She is and you do! 😊😉