Friday, May 19, 2017

Bits Of Random

I'm not feeling very wordy these days. We're in the midst of last-week-of-school busyness and getting ready for all the out-of-school adjustments and I'm not feeling very wise or philosphical about anything. I'm mostly feeling like I need to figure out how to do this all better instead of just living in survival mode.

Anyway. Thought maybe I would just flip back through pictures and give you a little {mostly} wordless post. Let's see what we find.

Him. I'm going to miss my days 
with just him!

The girls and their 
woodland houses!

Check out these homemade clothespins?
Love it.

There are scads of these bushes in the woods, anyone know their name?

Isaac turned 15 on May 11.
How that is possible
I do not know.

This Miss can now see the world 
clearly again! 


The dream of quilts for the girl's beds has not completely died.

Covered diaper boxes

Make great little storage containers!

First on the To Do list once school is officially out? Go through your song folder and sing every song 
at the top of your lungs! 
Christmas program included.

The weather this week felt like summer. I caved to the pleading one day and we made a quick lake run after school!
The water was fa-reezing.


Just my favoritest wall in my house...

Go enjoy your moments this weekend.
Snap a few pictures while you're at it!


Anonymous said...

"I'm mostly feeling like I need to figure out how to do this all better instead of just living in survival mode." So glad to hear I'm not the only one. Our school has been out for 2 weeks and I thought I was glad about it but I slipped into survival mode and it's not nice. I'd love to hear your tips once you get a good rhythm. I only have a 1st grader so mine isn't as much of an upheaval as yours will be though. Just wanted to tell you that your words gave me a sigh of relief this morning. ☺️

And I think the flower is a wild rose but I could be wrong.

- Karen

Bethany Eicher said...

We've been calling them wild roses but I wasn't sure. I can't promise any tips but we can breathe a sigh of relief together! 😉

Carole said...

I admire people who can raise a large family, and do it well. I had 3, and found it a challenge. Probably, you do feel often that you're in "survival mode". I always thought that summer vacations from school were more relaxed because there wasn't as tight a schedule to keep, and there wasn't so much drama from all the interactions at school. Of course, when fall came, we were all ready to get back in the groove again.

Carol W. said...

Please tell your children that I really like their woodland houses. Oh, how I wish I had a woodland retreat to go to! I live in Phoenix, AZ & there are no woods here, unfortunately. God bless you all!

Bethany Eicher said...

It's just always an adjustment, summer and fall! Life would get boring if it always stayed the same, I suppose ☺

Bethany Eicher said...

Yes, we would miss the woods! We wouldn't miss the poison ivy my oldest daughter has been dealing with, though 😳