Friday, June 23, 2017

Pictures of June

Story time is over for this year. I could have gone on listening for awhile yet but more stories mean more story tellers and those are a little hard to come by. I'm thinking I should start taking volunteers now for next year, anyone interested?

It's a cloudy, rainy morning in Ohio - perfect for leaving the curtains closed and finding a cozy blanket. Unfortunately I should clean my house instead. Not only that, I have a 7 year old with a bad attitude about said cleaning and somebody needs to set a good example for her. Any volunteers for that?

Since I should be cleaning and setting good examples, I'll just finish off here quickly with some random pictures of life in June.

It is so much fun to have a daughter old enough to brainstorm with, especially when she's the kind who has great determination and makes more things happen than I ever would!

One day we got inspired to make something for the porch. We both get great satisfaction out of using things we have laying around to make something pretty. She set right to work painting the "window looking thing" that came with the hot water heater and hunting up chunks of wood to set our pallet on. If only you could have seen us lugging those things!

Next up was making these cute balls she's been wanting to try ever since Aunt Rach said it could be done.

We spent a bunch of time on those but it sure was fun!

One night the girls decided to drag their mattresses out on the porch and sleep outside. They fixed it up all cozy, complete with s'mores and a CD player to listen to Laura and Mary stories. Charles joined them and amazingly enough they lasted the whole night!

Summer time is here with it's dirty feet

And visits to the lake.

Jasmine and Jennifer have been scouring the woods for wild raspberries.

 They come in, all hot and triumphant, and Charles digs in without hesitation.

The raspberry lovers in the family are easy to please. They would just as soon have "raspberry stuff" than any fancy pie or cobbler. Stir this stuff into ice cream or yogurt or just enjoy it plain, yum.

Jennifer has managed to talk me into a little garden after all. We hacked out a spot amongst the weeds and rocks and planted some seeds, late as it is. Her starry eyes were enough, whether anything grows or not.

And now, I really must run along and be a good example. Life is about more than just the things that make pretty pictures. Those are fun to look at but life needs the added spice of work and bad attitudes to adjust and the daily grind of real-ness to make it complete. So.... Rolling up my sleeves and getting to work.

A blessed weekend to you all!


Anonymous said...

I miss living in Ohio. Who knows, maybe after the Army we will move back. Oh well, at least, we can still visit our families there:-)

Carol W. said...

I really like the bench ... you all did a great job! God bless you all!