Monday, June 5, 2017

Story #1: Introduction

Years and years ago - 32 years in August, to be exact - a shy little six year old girl went off to enter the big, wide world of first grade. Along with her two brothers, she attended a small, church school about twenty-five minutes from her home. Her teacher's name was Sister Marcile and her brother's teacher - the one with the puffs of hair over her ears and the cool glasses, which she pretended to imitate in her play by turning her sunglasses upside down - was Sister Schrock.

It's funny, the little things that stick in your mind from when you were six. I was the first grader back then and my first story for this June of story time is Sister Schrock's.

Danette was one of those special teachers who not only left an impression on her students but also formed friendships with parents. For years, she and my mom exchanged Christmas mail, bringing each other up to date year after year with the news of their families. I remember the year my parents stayed with Ken and Danette while attending the annual minister's meetings and the stories they brought home about all the apples on Martin's Family Fruit Farm.

About a year and a half ago, when I was doing my second birthday giveaway in honor of my mom, who should I discover in my comment section but Danette Schrock Martin?! That comment was the beginning of a re-connection between the shy little first grader and her brother's teacher. Since then, Danette has continued to bless me with her comments on my blog and I have enjoyed following her "attempt to write a thousand words a day by posting a photo daily" at Dani's Daily Thousand.

I will be back tomorrow with the story of how Danette met her husband, Ken.

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