Monday, July 25, 2011

Every moment is a gift

All is Grace. Any idea what that means? It's more than my mind can fully comprehend that is certain, but this morning the picture broke through to my heart. I saw my Father up in Heaven delivering gifts to me daily, hourly, moment by moment. They are gifts of grace. He is waiting. Longing for me to see them for what they are. Instead I see the hard, the sad, the scary-a move that I don't want to make, good byes that I don't want to say, a chapter I don't want to close-you fill in the blank. Chris and I were talking the other day. His view on life is to focus on the good things. Yes, acknowledge the bad, but focus on the good. It's always there! And the more you look at it the more there is. Then this morning I read "Open your hand so you can open your heart. Every moment is a gift!" And suddenly it dawned! "All is grace" goes over my earthy mind to tell you the truth. But coupled with Chris' outlook on life I suddenly saw the down to earthness of it! Oh to learn the ability to view every moment as a gift!

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