Sunday, July 10, 2011

It's Just A Building

I'm looking at this house, our house....the one I thought Chris was crazy for buying at an auction. The one we put pencil to paper and drew out. The one we measured out each room carefully for. The one Chris worked himself ragged to pay for and get finished. The one we worked together to paint, furnish, fill, and turn into a home. This place that we invested sweat and tears in will be our home for less then three more weeks. In the next days we will take it apart and turn it from a home back into a house. The unfinished projects which we've been dreaming for four years would get done "someday" .... will stay unfinished. There's a knot in my throat and tears on my cheeks. Yet i know it's only a building. A building with many many memories, dreams and hopes, yes. But "just" a building nevertheless. I know there will be more buildings, more hopes and dreams. May the memory of this one inspire more, not less, as I close this chapter and open the next. ...Bethany

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