Thursday, August 25, 2011

God always has blessings for us if we want to see them. One for me right now is my children's response to all the upheavel and changes in their lives. I am amazed how easily Jennifer (3) and Lillian (1) have gone with the flow of things! Sure there's been times when I could tell their little worlds have been rocked but for the most part the have done super! And now, second day into school for Isaac (9) and Jasmine (7), they are loving it! That is a huge blessing for me cause I felt so bad leaving them in that brand new world the first day with a sea of strangers and unfamiliar school routine. No wonder Jesus tells us to become as little children! I have a lot to learn from their adaptability. I'm awfully curious to know if anybody out there is reading this little ol thing? I'd love to hear some feedback if you are! Tell me, what have you noticed in children that would be an asset for adults to take an example from? Maybe we can help each other learn to follow Jesus' instruction! Any ideas from you? #

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