Monday, August 15, 2011

The God I Trust

Well, life continues with it's crazy planning of plans, changing of plans and re-arranging of plans! I'm sitting in a van on my way to Arkansas from Ohio. It's quiet. Children are asleep, husband is at the wheel. Street lights flash by, silent lights twinkle in the distance and vehicles glide noislessly along. So many people all around. So many lives being lived. So many stories being written. God is such an amazing God to be able at this instant to look down and see each heart in every vehicle and love each one with a Father's love. I don't really have any profound truth in all this, just thinking. I guess if God is that big He's quite capable of handling my one little life. Probably a God who can see all the hearts of all the people around me in the darkness that I can't even see would find unraveling my constantly changing life no big challenge at all! I guess I was going somewhere with it after all :) So glad I can place my life in the hands of a God like that!

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