Friday, September 14, 2012

The Secret's Revealed

I'm not sure what the blogging dry spell is all about. It's probably partly a change in circumstances. I have a house to take care of now instead of way too much time on my hands to think and write! It's also probably partly because, face it, when life feels the most difficult is often when we find ourselves leaning the hardest and finding the most inspiration from God. Not that life is all easy street these days, but having our own space diminished a lot of stress. Still, it's more than that and there's a simple explanation. See, about 6 weeks ago I suddenly became a different version of myself. It started slowly and painlessly and gradually increased in an alarmingly downward spiral. I became a tired, unmotivated version. A lay on the couch all afternoon and drag myself off to do essentials version. A white crackers for snacks and "Honey I *need* some cottage cheese could you please bring some home?" version. Yes, this might explain the lack of blogging inspiration. You see, we are expecting baby #5!


Rochelle Weaver said...

O my word Im just now finding this out. Yay for you guys, cant wait to tell Hansie. So glad you are in your place and things are getting kinda back to normal. ok so I read the next post before this one:(. kinda like cheating.Im so sorry that you were feeling bad but I hope be now you are feeling better.

Faith Lapp said...

Hi BEthany!! Congratulations! So happy for you! God's timing is always you are in your new home and anticipating a new baby!
I do hope you are feeling better!