Monday, December 3, 2012

Needed: Blue Glasses and Hearing Aids

One evening last week I sent Chris an exasperated text saying I felt like *ahem* choking some kids and going and doing something fun! (I know.) I was trying to involve children with cleaning house and make supper and I felt tired, fat and decidedly grouchy! Chris came home and suggested we eat quickly and go to town. I'm sure I looked at him like he was from Mars! At any rate, he could tell I wasn't a fan. The idea was dropped and we had one of those evenings where we, well...didn't avoid each other, but each did our own thing. The next morning he asked me "Why?" sigh. "Come on. That wasn't really the point of my text!" Then, trying to be Oh so helpful I explained "I'm a woman. Sometimes I need to just blow off and then I feel better. I don't necessarily need it fixed." Suddenly I saw myself plainly! Chris had offered me a full cup of love by offering to "go do something fun" and I had taken it and dumped it in disgust because I wanted "pink" love, and his was "blue"! Town? No thanks. Love? Accepted!

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