Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Of warm thoughts, moodiness and focus...

Last night I left for the evening with warm thoughts of nice notes to my husband about how much little things like having the car parked in front of the house and ready for me makes me feel so loved and cared for.... Three hours later I came home feeling moody and thinking only of the pile of dirty dishes I saw in the sink and the children who were waiting for me to put them to bed! I wish this were an isolated incident but I seem to have far too many examples of this kind of thing lately. Maybe it's as simple as my husbands text to my question "What is wrong w/ me?!?" - "You are pregnant." But somehow I doubt it. It's true, in the busyness of life these days feeling tired and fat and added aches and hormones does color a person's day. Feeling like you are pushing yourself to do what needs to be done does makes every squabble and messy room loom larger than usual! Still, the fact remains that I choose what I focus on and that choice that I make can be the difference between warm feelings and moodiness!

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