Friday, February 15, 2013

This Valentine of Mine

Wednesday was my fav day of the month right now - appt w/ my midwife! See, Chris always takes off and we leave the girls w/ Grandma and spend most of the day galavanting around. The ride up was spent talking and the visit w/ my midwife was pleasant and uneventful. We proceeded to eat and do our usual bulk food store, thrift stores, whatever stores we felt an urge to check out. About 3:00 we turned on yet another road and I noticed "The Barn Inn" sign and did our usual shput the name if it sounds a little odd deal. A little later Chris drives right up in front of the Barn Inn itself and stops the car. "What are you doing??" "Oh I thought we could just stay here tonight." "We are not!! Get going." "Yes, really. We're gonna stay here!" "We are NOT! What is your deal?!!" I was totally dumbfounded. He had arranged the children sleeping at Grandpas, snuck out a few essential items for the night and the whole bit and never slipped anything suspicious! I'm still shaking my head... but Oh, what a lovely time!!!


Nolita said...

That is so sweet!! You deserved it!! ;)

Miller scribe said...

And we were just as pleased because the time off from work meant Jeremy could have some work!