It was a crazy week- 2 funerals at church, 2 different meals to help with food, and company coming for the weekend. I'd been wanting for weeks to go shopping for some things besides groceries, but it never seemed to work out. I finally asked straight up ( that's another post) and Chris said pick me up at noon and I'll take the afternoon off! (Wow. Love this man.) We're almost back home after a lovely time and it hits me: I didn't get the stuff to make my salad for supper before visitation the next day!! I was just sick! Now, my husband loves to think outside of the box. He said, "Call the lady in charge and see if they're having salad at the funeral. Maybe you could trade with the person making it for the funeral and I could bring your stuff home from work." (Seriously, could you even follow that?) I said no way am I calling the lady in charge! That's ridiculous! They probably aren't even having salad at the funeral and besides, it's too complicated to even explain! No. They have enough hassle planning all these meals without that yet! As I said the words, I knew I was wrong. I knew I should just pick up the phone and call, but Oh! How I didn't want to! #1. I absolutely hate making phone calls and #2. I felt too stupid to explain my dumb mistake! I tried to explain why I didn't want to all the while knowing I should just do it. Chris said fine, drag your kids to town in the cold in the morning! Finally I gritted my teeth and dialed the number. No one answered! So, we went to bed with me planning to go to town in the morning. After Chris leaves for work I get a text, "Um, I guess your keys are here at the shop..." So now in order to do it my way I'll have to borrow a vehicle!! So...I pick up the phone again, and the lady in charge answers, and I swallow my pride and explain my predicament. And she said? You'll never guess. "You know what, we had nearly a whole bowl of salad left over from another meal that needs to be used, just forget about your salad!" And just like that it was taken care of! A very humble me tells the story to my husband, and an even humbler me says, "I'm sorry. I wouldn't have had to act like you were crazy. I could have nicely explained why I didn't want to call and not been disrespectful!" Thankfully, I have a very forgiving husband!