Friday, January 17, 2014

Day 10: The Crazy Cycle

I used to keep a journal of sorts, more of a ranting space than anything else, but call it what you want. I cringe reading back through some of those long ago pages! Eggerich's book talks about the "crazy cycle" and that's sure what those pages sound like! I complained about Chris' long hours and longed for him to be home. I whined about him playing games on the computer and not doing more around the house. I fussed because his work hours meant we couldn't always be at church activities and "what would people think?!" Is it any wonder nothing changed on his side and he continued to feel disrespected? Obeying God's commands for marriage requires selflessness, and to be honest, I think the men do a much better job at it than we women! What else makes a man go to work day after day with rare to zero thanks from his wife for it? Yes, I said I wanted to be submissive, but most of the time I really didn't get it. I had my excuses, one especially that came up often. An excuse that, itself, was disrespectful.....

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