Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Day 14: Which is easier?

So often I've found myself chafing at the "unfairness" of it all. In answer to that my wise husband once said: "Which is easier-to be obedient to an authority, or to be the authority responsible for the obedience of those under him? I personally prefer being responsible for good ole me! That's easy. (Compared to trying to manage my feelings, my wife's feelings, and the feelings of 5 other little persons who run around under my roof. Then, at the same time, laying down feeling and making decisions based on what is right and wrong w/o letting my emotions or feelings play into those decisions!) My point is, I DIDN'T ask for this job. And I would GLADLY resign! Watch how many men actually do resign and let their wives run the show and you will understand that I am, indeed, speaking the truth. The problem for me is that my resignation would not be accepted by the one who gave the responsibility to me. Abdicating is not an option, so what am I to do? I am "stuck" w/ the responsibility of batting for my team..."

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