Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Day 15: The Batter Analogy

"So, if I am "stuck" w/ the responsibility of batting for my team, is it totally unreasonable for me to kindly ask that nobody touch the bat while I swing? And, if I strike out, so be it. Throw spitballs. Repeat mean little rhymes you've heard before. Give me all the guff you wish. (I doubt it will help the situation) But, if you are hanging onto the bat when I strike out, I don't want to hear a peep! Yes, yes, I know. The wives are there to give "advice" "intuition" and help him swing the bat in a better manner, so he won't strike out. But I ask once more, which is easier, telling someone how to hit the ball? Or picking up the bat and hitting? The wife has nothing to lose! If the ball smacks him in his face, he is still the one w/ the mangled face, not her. I have yet to see a wife take the blame for the mess when a husband, on her advice, made a decision and paid for it dearly. (There may be one out there, but I haven't met her.) He was still the one swinging the bat, therefore the one making the out."

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