Saturday, January 25, 2014

Day 19: Perfection Is Not The Requirement

Chris thanked me more than once that year, even bestowing upon me the title of: "Mrs Respect and Submission" :) Still, I felt like a failure because I struggled and struggled! Here's what I've finally realized...remember how one of Chris' biggest issues was my lack of concern about submission? I was saying "I know this stuff." "I didn't mean it that way at all!" "Submission isn't as big a problem as you're making it!" I was refusing to accept the fact that Submission is a command and I wasn't obeying it! When I acknowledged that, yes, submission is a command and I want to obey God - When I began to Long to be that wife that "Got It" and began paying attention to whether or not I was living it out- *I basically took care of that issue!!* Chris didn't expect me to never remind him about the important phone call or question his fathering decisions or talk too long when he was ready to go. He didn't expect me to be perfect. What he did want, was for me to notice and be concerned and change when I messed up!

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