Thursday, January 9, 2014

Day 3: A Journey Begins

A while back I came across the notebook I used when I sat down w/ pen in hand and looked up words and definitions that long ago day. January 4, 2006 the page reads, above scrawling words, definitions and thoughts. I wouldn't really say that I learned so very much that day, but a flame was lit. Slowly and steadily a burning desire began to grow in my heart, a yearning desire to Really Get it! I longed to be the wife who's husband could proudly say, "This is my wife, she Gets It!" I now admitted in my head that Chris had a valid point to his arguments, but how to put that knowledge into every day shoe leather felt impossible! How do you begin to do something you hardly even understand? How do you change a mindset you didn't even realize you had? I felt completely at loss but the flame had been lit! So began a Journey. A Journey I've loved and hated by turns! A Journey of one step forward, two steps back...a Journey of despair and hope...a Journey of failure and rewards. A Journey I'm still on 8 years later!

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Carol said...

I'm looking forward to what you've got coming! A year ago, we went through some counseling, one of the things studied was Submission. Excited to hear your thoughts and what the Lord showed you!