Sunday, January 12, 2014

Day 5: So What Did I Learn?

If I were to choose the single most important truth I learned from that book, it would be this: Respect is a command, not something that's earned. We truly have bought into the myth that if men do their job as leaders, women will want to follow! Let me get this straight from the beginning: Men have their own command to love their wives and lead their families. I know that. I know God's plan is for both men and women to obey the commands He gave them. But, guess what? Not everybody's going to obey! And, guess what else? That's beside the point! God never said anywhere, "Husbands love your wives...except when they're moody and grouchy and unloveable." Nor did He say, "Wives submit to your husbands...except if he makes bad decisions and doesn't take leadership like he should." He only said: Do It. We accept the husband's command almost w/ a grin, "Of course even when she's grouchy, that's when she needs it most!" But be honest, what about the wife's command? "Of course, that's when he needs it most!" Really?

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