Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Day 7: On A Side Note

I realize that not all husbands/authorities are going to be Christians. I've heard the arguments: "What if they're abusive?" "What if they ask you to do things that are wrong?" I don't think there's a "blanket" answer that covers it all, every situation is different. However, I believe that unless your authority is asking you to sin, the command to submit remains. I know it would not be easy! I know someone personally who chose to do this with her unfaithful husband. It is no longer about her trying to "change" her husband but about her obeying God. It has given her the opportunity to step back and allow God to work! That doesn't mean her husband has become a Christian, he hasn't. But it has done something for their relationship that I don't think could have happened otherwise. God set it up so that true submission triggers love and care from a man. His ways work whether we understand or not! Obedience to Him is the most important. Unless someone has questions or thoughts to share I'll leave it at that...

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