Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Day 8: On with the Story...

I just want you all to know that I blew a prime opportunity to respect my man last night, and I do mean blew it. To pieces. SIGH Could somebody tell me again why I'm writing this? Oh yeah, cause I'm supposed to. Goody. So, anyway, back to my story... If only you could read books or listen to sermons and then magically turn it all into practical shoe leather! In an effort to be practical, I began writing down instances when God reminded me to be respectful and also the times when I realized I had failed. I already knew some of the things Chris felt were disrespectful: Nagging about things I wanted him to do, Correcting him in public, Disagreeing in front of our children, to name a few. He also said that one of his biggest deals was my lack of concern about submitting. And what did that mean? He explained that I *said* I wanted to submit, but as soon as it was something I didn't want to do or didn't think I should have to do, I just didn't do it! I asked for a specific example...look out when you ask that!

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