Thursday, January 16, 2014

Day 9: Except When It's Ridiculous?

Chris said, "For example: you *expect* my help. You can't accept that I feel the children and house are primarily your responsibility even when I'm home. Not that I don't want to help, or won't help if asked, but it's obvious you *expect* me to help - if you ask and I don't help, you get bent!" You guessed it. I immediately got bent! "How can you think it's ok to sit around the house and not have any help expected out of you?! Sure if you're busy...blah blah blah...but they're your children too..." and so forth. And Chris said? "Just forget it." That didn't make me happy! And then, God did the most wonderful thing. Suddenly the light bulb went off! I was believing the myth that if Chris would lead, I would submit. Yet as soon as he showed me where I could do better, I basically said, "Are you crazy? That's no way to lead!" But the command was not, "Except if he asks things you think are ridiculous." No, God just commanded me to submit! So I swallowed my protests and said, "Ok, I will do that. I'll try!"

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Grace Eicher said...

I always read your posts, but in too much hurry to comment. I can't resist this time, since this has been an area God is also working on me. To embrace my role as homemaker and not expect any help out of Gerald, at all. simply surprised and thankful whenever he does. I'm learning that if I am mentally thinking how Gerald should use his time, spend our money, manage the children, or make different choices, then I am controlling. I'm trying to control my life in trying to control his. All in my mind. It's a sin! I would never want him to be criticing me like I have criticed him! We have been affected by our culture that the man who is praised is the one who helps his wife out. Why not the woman who takes her husband his favorite drinks? Who helps hime with the extra load he carries with going out to work everyday? Who takes his shoes off after a long day? I think often of Linda telling me about Rojo's mom. She worked to serve the men in the family (who sat around). In her culture, that was her life. And guess what, the men loved her dearly and thought the world of her. Ok, this doesn't all directly have to do with your post, but anyway... :)