Sunday, January 5, 2014

So Here's the Story.... part 2

I have long chafed at this little, pretend blog! I only have internet access from my phone, so blogging means writing concise posts that are so many characters in length and the ability to post 1 picture w/ a post. It's harder than you might think to condense your thoughts into a tiny post that actually says something! I determined that for this writing project I would do it different. I would type up my posts on the laptop ahead of time, and at the beginning of October go to the library and set them up to post automatically through out the month. I planned a guest blogger for one post and, best of all, I decided to have a giveaway! A giveaway always attracts people and makes things more interesting and fun! Yes, I had big ideas and I set to work to accomplish them. I spent hours getting my thoughts lined up and turning them into typed words. I wrote and re-wrote and stressed! I just didn't have the time it took for this project! October came, and I wasn't ready, so I pushed the deadline off to November.

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