Monday, June 9, 2014

In Which We Have Story Time

Over the last couple of months I've been trying to encourage a bit more reader interaction. It's been fun to get a little more feed back and to find out who's listening to my blather :) For the month of June, I had planned to do something a little different. June is our anniversary month, so I thought it would be fun to share our story with you and then, as a way to interact with you readers, ask a few of you to share your "How we met" stories! Well, the beginning of June (and our Anniversary) have come and gone and I'm finally getting my act together here!

Two years ago I shared the story of how we met in a series of blog posts I called the "In Which Series". You can go back to the beginning and check them out here. And if you normally get this via email, maybe you'll have to go to the library and do some reading! :) It's a pretty good little tale, one that's fun to remember and re-count. In fact, I'd advise any of you married folks to sit down together and document your story! It does something for you to remember those days, and just exactly why you are where you are might even learn a few things about your story you didn't know before! :)

Our "In Which Series" came about in a rather strange way. We were emailing a friend we'd never met and she wondered how the two of us met? This launched a continued story from us where we would send chapters and she would comment and ask questions. It was so much fun to re-live those memories that we were almost as sorry to have the series end as she was! :)

I have three ladies lined up to share their "How we met" stories with you all and I'll be doing that through out the rest of June. If anyone else wants to volunteer, I'll be glad to include your story in the telling! Just send it to me at :) :) I think you are in for a treat with these three! Enjoy.

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