Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas!

It doesn't "feel" like Christmas around here. There's no big plans, no traveling, no hubub of excitement. I feel a little tired and a little sad. My throat is determined to have a lump in it and my eyes seem to produce wetness without notice. It's not that we've ever been big Christmas celebrators - we don't usually do gifts and our decorations and fanfare are modest to non existent. Still, Christmas evokes warm memories that invariably include family and this year there is a gaping hole in the family circle.

We have no big plans for these two weeks of vacation. In spite of that, I'm determined to make warm memories for our children to someday look back on happily. So far, there's been a leisurely trip to the library, lots of table games, a little candy making, an "art class" which produced the paper poinsettias, plates of goodies for random snacks, stories read aloud, "fancy" table settings and decorations by little girlies......little things that I hope will someday be included in the fuzzy haze of warm Christmas / Vacation memories.

Thank you, my readers, for sharing the joys and sorrows of this year with me. Your input and encouragement have been a blessing in my life! Wishing His joy and peace to each one of you these last weeks of 2014 and many blessings in the New Year!

Merry Christmas!


Anonymous said...

Christmas Eve at our house consisted of Willard and Arlynn and me. And Arlynn was sick yesterday and today, so cooking special seemed like too much hassle. So I 'put puzzle together'', listened to Christmas music, and missed the usual jolly family times. Unlike you, we did have everyone here last eve and will again be together on Saturday. My family is all in Ohio but us. But you know, that's life. Make the best of it... Choose joy... (Not telling you, telling me) -Sharon

Kim said...

That is okay. Last year was more painful for me than this year, because the grief was still so fresh.
It helped me to think that Mary and Joseph must have felt a little sad that first Christmas so very long ago. Sure they had just welcomed a new little life, the birth of the Savior, but they were far from home and must have missed their loved ones dearly, still they trust in God and His plan for them. May we also do the same.

I don't know if that helps but you are in my prayers too.